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Developing a launch campaign for a renowned international festival of digital creativity and electronic music's first year in San Francisco

MUTEK is a Montreal-based festival dedicated to the promotion of electronic music and the digital arts. Its central platform is an annual five-day event in Montreal that takes place in late August. Alongside the Montreal edition, MUTEK also hosts international versions of its festival. In May of 2018, the festival held its' first franchise in the United States, choosing San Francisco as the launch city.
EFFIXX had the unique privilege to be included in the early conversation about MUTEK.SF, when its' leaders were first discussing the notion. Having performed live at the festival's Mexico City (MUTEK.MX) event in 2015 and following its' influential trajectory in the media art and experimental music community for nearly two decades, we understood how vital it would be to the San Francisco Bay Area's complex relationship with artists and technology.

We teamed up with art director Joyce Su for a campaign which nods towards both tech-inspired futurism, as well as the city's cultural legacy of pioneering concert visualization and mid-century op-art by using a formative graphic device as a basis—the moiré pattern.

Outtakes & Early Concepts

Some of our favorite images during the design exploration didn't quite have a home in the final direction but we love them anyhow.
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