JOJI 'Pandemonium' Tour
IMMANENT for 88Rising
Show Design
Video Direction
Motion Design
Content Production
Screen content direction for a 32-show arena world tour

In late 2023, EFFIXX was approached by legendary stage content motion production studio Immanent help shape the content direction for JOJI 'Pandemonium' world tour. The artist was looking for abstract, textural art direction that matched the often melancholy palette of the music.

Contrasting the soft-spoken singer's dreamy dark pop moodiness, we teamed up with the brilliant digital artists at Immanent to bring over 30 unique concepts to rehearsals, for a 90-minute long stadium tour.
Tour Visuals
Content Direction & Design
We worked with the talented team of artists at Immanent to develop a 20+ song live visual set mixing digital and analog production using realtime VFX tools

Anthony Ciannamea
Content Co-Director
Art Direction
Motion Design
Drew Best
Content Co-Director
Art Direction
Motion design
Visual Content PRoduction
Tara LaPlante
Content PRoducer
Production Design
Travis Shirley / Blank Wall Creative
Video Director
Patrick Wala
Notch Artist
Sean Bowes / Jordan Glenn
3D Artists
Jon Narmour
3D Modeler
David Perez
2D Artist
Alex Pelly
Content Editor
Evan Smith
Camera Director
NEP Screenworks
Video PRoduction
Tour & Production Management
Ollie Zhang / Jared Blashinsky / 88rising