WNDR Museum
Creative Direction
Projection Mapping
Motion Design
Film & Video
Music Composition
An audiovisual installation for immersive theater exhibition, with multi-channel audio.

20 minutes, four chapters.

GOD:TEMPO invites visitors to consider the impermanence of matter and meditate on the passage of measured time through a sensory ritual in a communal setting — encouraging us to slow down and appreciate the infinite possibilities between each tick of the clock, as we ponder the role of time in shaping our material world.

Drawing inspiration from metronomes, chronographs, and ritual drum circles, GOD:TEMPO is structured as an architectural hallway that evolves and transforms over the course of four thematic chapters: Chronos I, II, III & IV.
EFFIXX was commissioned by WNDR Museum to produce the first artwork programmed for its' immersive theater room within the newly-opened San Diego location. We took advantage of the room's wraparound 4-wall projection and multi-channel audio setup by designing, directing, and authoring real-time visuals and audio.

Audiovisual Chronograph

GOD:TEMPO transforms the cubic projection space at WNDR Museum into an expressive, large-scale musical clock which cycles through sequenced rhythmic performances in an immersive hallway of lyrical figure studies. An ongoing study in digital clock-building, this iteration features four distinct passages, Chronos I-IV.
Chronos I
MOlecular Creation & Birth
The first chapter slowly reveals the architectural hallway arch structures as tiny molecules of light coalescing into arches. Once revealed, the structure pulses and magnetic forces pull the atoms into a central portal before exploding into Chronos II.

Chronos II
sunrise Ritual
In the second chapter, hypnotic solar phases rhythmically oscillate within the arches as a figure performs in the northern arch.

Chronos III
Chaos & Enlightenment
Structural totems vacillate at various intervals of one-minute subdivisions in a hypnotic stroboscopic performance

Chronos IV
Deconstruction & Transition
In the last chapter of this iteration of GOD:TEMPO, the hallway is deconstructed by flame-like energy into a decaying structure, transformed to rubble — setting the stage for the cycle to start again at the birth cycle in Chronos I.

The Concept

"The mood in the space is intended to evoke reverence — a chapel devoted to worshipping the dotted molecules in between time. Participants should feel as though they are inside the beating heart of a great machine.”

The Process

GOD:TEMPO was developed using real-time authoring tools: Notch for rendering and motion, TouchDesigner for data conditioning, synced to Ableton Live for sound design and music composition.
Anthony Ciannamea
Visual artist / Composer / Producer
David Allen
WNDR Creative Director & Curator
Marc Rosenthal
A/V Tech Engineer