Showreel Archive
Motion Design
Content Production
3D & VFX
Live Performance
Lighting Design
A collection of recent showreels from the most current through the last 5 years
CG/VFX & Product Content Development
Over the last few years, we've allocated time for producing both high-end commercial content and fine art-oriented experiential work. When the worldwide pandemic put live-action production and in-person events on hold, we leaned into both offline and realtime 3D / CG workflows for content production, shaping our current offering significantly.

Moving Content for Screen & Stage
Our studio is passionate about combining diverse forms of motion — through environmental design, lighting, projection, and screen-based media.

2014-2017: Motion Reel
Motion & Audiovisual Performance Projects
A collection of motion design samples from music videos, film titles, and performance projects. During this era, EFFIXX found its' niche as a studio by partnering with artists and musicians.

2014-2017: Director's Reel
Film Direction, Cinematography & Editing
Director's showreel focused on live-action and cinematic work.