Love is Rebellion
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Helping a visionary designer & artist re-define notions of what symbols of love and commitment could be

"Betroth unites you with visionary creators, master craftsmen, and responsible practices to forge true symbols of modern love."

A modern ring design studio led by Brooklyn-based designer and artist Derrick Cruz, Betroth collaborates with emerging and established visionaries across many creative disciplines. The startup launched with a manifesto to smash the status quo when it comes to accepted norms in the industry and has successfully managed to set new standards for social responsibility, craftsmanship, and artistry.

EFFIXX worked closely with Betroth in its' early stages of development, to craft a visual universe for initial launch campaign to live in. Working with founder Derrick Cruz, we rose to the challenge of hoisting each design to hero status in their own respective environments. Success meant deviating from the typically sterile, vanilla art direction found in mainstream commercial wedding & engagement ring retailers.
The Elements Collection: Air
Promo Art
"Like the airiness of a flying buttress on a grand European cathedral,  Air I's punctured façade invites light to enter its form and hit each of the diamond’s precise angles."

The Elements Collection: Water
Promo Art
"A masterfully cut diamond sits atop this deco waterfall inspired by the grill of a 1930’s Bugatti. Derrick Cruz recreates the cascading repetition of tumbling water with twenty platinum prongs that wash down the sides of a diamond."

The Elements Collection: Fire
Promo Art
"Function becomes form as Fire I seamlessly blends the diamond's cut with the brutalism inspired engineering of the ring’s head. Each of the stone’s eight kite facets extends into the setting, joining the literal brilliance of the diamond with the figurative shape of a burning flame’s middle rose."  

Brand Illustration Sketches

Miscellaneous sketches developed while exploring the Betroth visual environment
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