Tyler, The Creator / Camp Flog Gnaw 2023
Content Direction
Motion Design
Content Production
A series of animated set extensions for Tyler's junkyard stage design during the return to his landmark curated outdoor festival

We helped screen content motion design studio IMMANENT prepare for Tyler, The Creator's return to his own Camp Flog Gnaw festival for 2023 by designing and building backdrop content for an absolutely-insane junkyard-inspired stage design.

A collaboration with co-director Drew Best, EFFIXX designed the matte painting / set extensions depicting heaps of junked cars matching the style of physical set pieces which formed the stage and props which Tyler interacted with over the course of the show. Choreographed to match lighting and pyrotechnic gags, the constant evolution of lighting and events timed to interact with the foreground created a dynamic, theatrical environment that added depth and realism to the overall stage design.
Tyler, The Creator
Drew Best
Content Co-Director
Art Direction
Motion design
Anthony Ciannamea
Content Co-Director
Art Direction
Motion Design
Alex Reardon @ Silent House
Creative Director &
Lighting/Stage Designer
Visual Content PRoduction
Tara LaPlante
Content PRoducer
Ofer Zmora / Sean Bowes
3D Artists
Maia McDonald
Character Animator
Sean Bowes