Torn In Two
3D Lighting & Rendering
Print & Packaging
Art Direction
Film & Video
Bringing intensely emotive human effigies to life for the latest Deru project

Deru’s previous record, 1979, dealt with individual human emotions. His most recent project, Torn In Two, zooms out and deals with human existence as a whole. It explores themes of frustration, dissociation, and anger—but from a broader vantage point that incorporates topics like acceptance, beauty and tranquility.

Torn In Two includes a series of accompanying films that magnify the project’s themes, with effigies that absorb and reflect the human condition. The figures burn, they bleed, they hold their young, and they become swallowed by the ocean. Humans are absent in this picture of a world independent of us, without us—at crossroads.

This project was made possible through a sponsored partnership with Apple Music.
The Films
Three-Part Film Series
EFFIXX collaborated with Deru and Bryan Konietzko on two of three Torn In Two short films, with support on 3D lighting, rendering, and particle effects. It was an honor to bring Bryan's incredible sculptures to life.

Part I: Torn In Two

A set of sculptural effigies in various states of social interaction and solitary meditation convey intense and deeply personal perspectives captured by the title track on Torn In Two.

Part II: Refuge

The overview effect in a harsh nordic, glacial landscape reveals an anonymous, preserved figure.
Album Art
Art Direction, Design & Layout
Using beautiful textural stills as a source, these manipulated tintypes photographs by artist Tim Navis made for the perfect abstract representation of the challenging, beauty-through-brutality of Torn In Two.

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Anthony Ciannamea
3D Lighting & Rendering
LP Art Director
Benjamin Wynn
Bryan Konietzko
Film Concept
Art Director
3D Sculptor
Tim Navis
Tintype Photography Manipulation
Cover Art Textures
Andy Dill
Nico Sugleris
Fire and Smoke FX
Xander Smith
3D Sculpting Assistant