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Supporting over 28 artists & composers in developing a weekend of experimental live performance around the theme of family, throughout the rooms and hallways of a storied Los Angeles mansion

The Echo Society is a Los Angeles-based non-profit artist collective led by seven composers founded in 2013.

The collective's first three-day festival, SIX: FAMILY, took place in October 2017 at a legendary residence from the Golden Age of Hollywood, nestled atop the hills of Silverlake with breathtaking views of surrounding Los Angeles.

The event featured original works by 21 Los Angeles-based composers and special guests exploring the theme of "Family." Each evening, 7 different composers presented or performed original works simultaneously in 7 rooms of the house for (mostly) unamplified instruments of their choosing. During each show, guests were free to explore the rooms inside the estate and discover the various performances as the evening unfolded.

Featured guest performances by Jónsi (Sigur Rós), Moses Sumney, Reggie Watts, Julianna Barwick, Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear), & more.
EFFIXX has developed a unique working relationship with The Echo Society collective since their third event (Bloom), and  SIX:FAMILY was by and large the most ambitious effort to create a unforgettable performance in a unique space to-date.

We supported the event by exploring visual themes and overall art direction, but also working with each artist on ways to bring their performance rooms within the mansion to life. Moving away from a typical stage environment shifted the production for this event from typical theatrical production like we've executed in the past, to one where each artist became more personally involved in the audience-composer relationship.
Event Art Direction
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The core theme of the event was "family", but also a reaction to the social and cultural climate of the time. We landed on symbolism that expressed togetherness, hearth, intimacy, as well as tension and volatility.

Outtakes & Early Concepts

The key imagery in the final direction communicated "family" more clearly than in the early explorations, but some of these more more graphic directions are studio favorites.
Event Documentation
three days, six performances, 28 composers
The weekend was a huge success and the diversity of artistic expression and intimacy throughout the event embodied The Echo Society ethos in exciting new ways.

Photos by Trevor Smith, Liz Koskenmaki, Michelle Shiers, FOG, Dan Roman and Ben Wynn.
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