Korn "Requiem" Visualizers
Loma Vista Recordings
Realtime Content
Art Direction
Motion Design
A series of eight audio-reactive, realtime music visualizers for Korn 'Requiem' livestream fan listening event

After working on digital sculptures and visual FX for Korn "Start the Healing" music video, Loma Vista Recordings commissioned EFFIXX to develop a series of visualizers for each track on the 'Requiem' album. They were used during the album launch / listening party, a livestream event featuring a full unplugged performance at Hollywood United Methodist Church on the night before release.
With a very quick deadline ahea, we were able to develop the framework for a set of visual vignettes, using a foundational look that could be rapidly iterated on by tweaking input parameters. We leaned on realtime visual effects tools which allowed for quick feedback and zero latency between art direction and production renders.

Aesthetically, we treated each visualizer as a moving painting by taking advantage of Notch VFX software's powerful, realtime particle engine and volume rendering. The design materialized as wisps of energy coalescing around various abstract forms. By analyzing each songs' waveform frequencies, we could modulate the visuals' properties, shapes, and forms — while letting fluid dynamics procedurally-create rhythmic strokes and undulations.
The Result
With over 1.1 million viewers watching, this album visualizer set the mood for Korn fans hearing the new music for the very first time and EFFIXX was proud to be a part of contributing to the legacy of a ground-breaking heavy-music artist like Korn.
Anthony Ciannamea / EFFIXX
3D VFX / Art Director
Dina Chang
Christopher Leckie
Art Director (Titles)