Chelsea Wolfe / Everything Turns Blue
Loma Vista Recording Company
Video Direction
Content Production
Motion Design
Art Direction
A full-length CG song visualizer in the form of an abstract narrative short — celebrating the release the final single from the upcoming Chelsea Wolfe album

Loma Vista Recordings (HEALTH, St. Vincent, Denzel Curry, Killer Mike) asked EFFIXX to interpret Everything Turns Blue — the final single release leading up to Chelsea Wolfe's seventh studio LP — as an abstract motion-based artwork to celebrate the upcoming album.

We collaborated with Chelsea Wolfe, co-producer/arranger partner Ben Chisholm, and Loma Vista creative director and designer Christopher Leckie, on an experimental short. Exploring themes of duality, inner struggle, healing, and rebirth, we combined digital and analog media to craft this esoteric meditation on deep blue engulfing a twin yolk.

Footage was produced using a combination of traditional 3D offline rendering, real-time engine, and practical vfx.

*Typography by Christopher Leckie
Anthony Ciannamea
Video Director
3D Artist
motion Designer
Christopher Leckie
Creative Director
Title Designer
Concept & Music
Chelsea Wolfe
Ben Chisholm