UAFX Guitar Pedals
Universal Audio
Content Production
Art Direction
Product Videography
Motion Design
3D / VFX
A series of experimental product trailer videos, visualizing sonic landscapes of the latest Universal Audio product masterpiece — three new high-end guitar pedals

After having worked with Universal Audio — the deities of analog music production emulation — on a trailer for a software plugin release, the team commissioned EFFIXX Studio again for a series of experimental short films celebrating the launch of the company's first foray into hardware guitar pedals.

The brief called for visuals that would support the concept of "sonic exploration". Special guest composers / guitarists were sent all three pedals: ASTRA Modulation Machine, Golden Reverberator, and Starlight Echo Station.  Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Butch Walker (Green Day / Weezer), and Lyle Workman (Beck / Judd Apatow) each supplied a grip of killer lickage for us to work with and we set out to embrace the brief's mission to produce something "disruptive and weird, with post-modern art-school vibes". Yes, please.
More of an extended audio demo than a trailer, the films needed to be able to weave in and out of each composers' musical passages. So we developed a series of vignettes that weave in and out, punctuated by illustrative lines of righteous, stoner poetry (provided by the talented minds at Universal Audio).
Golden Reverberator
Classic Spring / Plate / Hall Reverb
"Rise like the sun,
come bathe in her
endless reflections.
For even the shadows know
you remain forever,

Starlight Echo Station
Stunning emulation of iconic tape echo units
"Infinite echoes,
traveling from here
to the never-ending
beyond. "

Astra Modulation Machine
Chorus, Flanger, and tube-amp tremolo
"A painter of sonic alchemy,
a conductor for your
interstellar ensemble,
revealing a universe
resplendent with color "

Textures & Practical VFX
Behind the Scenes
All textures and optical vfx used throughout the films were captured in-studio. Here's a peek at some of the material created during that process.

The Result
The team at Universal Audio was just as excited as we were to launch these films alongside their remarkable new product. The launch announcement audience shared great enthusiasm for the visuals through livestreams and social media channels, engaging with the brand and each other and that makes us very very very happy.
Anthony Ciannamea
Director / Cinematographer / Editor / VFX / Sound Design
Michael Coleman
Additional Product Cinematography
Ben Lindell
Sound Mixing & Mastering
Jona Steenbrink
Art Director / Writer (Universal Audio)
Rocco Tyndale
Art Director (Universal Audio)
Erica McDaniel
Producer (Universal Audio)
Martin Lindhe
Ben Lindell
Erik Hanson
Creative Directors (Universal Audio)
Jim James
Lyle Workman
Butch Walker
Music / Guitarists