UAD Spark — Collection Launch Trailers
Universal Audio
Creative Direction
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Motion Design
3D / VFX
Helped pro studio software designer Universal Audio develop a collection of launch trailers introducing their initial lineup of plugins emulating legendary analog  effects included in newly-launched native plugin suite UAD Spark

Universal Audio, known for creating the most accurate analog-to-digital studio effects and instrument emulation, were preparing to launch their first subscription plugin suite at the start of 2022, called UAD Spark. They had reached out to EFFIXX for a full campaign of featured plugin trailers demonstrating the initial plug-in lineup included in the suite.

Each plug-in included with UAD Spark is modeled after a piece of analog studio equipment with deep heritage in the music production world. Each is known for helping to shape eras in studio recording or have been used by well-known producers on famous records throughout modern history.

Our challenge was to develop cultural and aesthetic nods to the artists, producers, and albums which made each audio effect or instrument famous — capturing the spirit of the era in both visual and sound.
Each trailer follows a consistent narrative messaging structure: introduce the product, highlight signature sonic attributes, present examples in popular music culture associated with the effect, demonstrate an audio sample with and without the effect and most importantly — visualize the effect in a fun and engaging way. We leaned into bold color palettes, stylish typographic treatments, and killer period-specific original music scores by Belgian composer-wizard Laurent Delforge.
UAD Spark Collection
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The entire suite of UAD Spark collection trailers

Lexicon 224
Plug-in Trailer
A staple reverb from the 80's-90's, present in almost all professional studios in hardware format, known for it's dreamy sound.

Studer A800
Plug-in Trailer
UA can boast the only authentic emulation of the Studer A800, a tape machine known for rich analog sound that adds warmth, presence, cohesion, and low-end punch that only genuine tape can provide

UA 1176 Collection
Plug-in Trailer
The workhorse compressor in Universal Audio's lineup, UA 1176 is arguably the most famous compressor in the world. Known for its' speed, UA 1176 allows producers/engineers to control dynamics faster than any other vintage compressor, often used to add aggressive punch to drums & bass

Teletronix LA-2A Collection
Plug-in Trailer
Key to great-sounding modern records, LA-2A is known for its incredibly smooth compression, using an optical T4B element that glows in reaction to audio signal and then a resistor panel that reacts to the light with a smooth attack and decay

Waterfall B3 Organ
Plug-in Trailer
Waterfall B3 is a UA instrument based on the iconic Hammond B3 organ and Leslie Type 147 rotary speaker cabinet, authentically recreating the classic tonewheel organ sound that has inspired countless players in all musical genres for decades.

API Vision Channel Strip
Plug-in Trailer
API Vision is known for it’s legendary EQ, preamp character, and powerful dynamics section. UA’s channelstrip gives users everything they need to shape their tracks with the perfect amount of analog touch.  

Opal Synth
Plug-in Trailer
Opal is a unique and versatile instrument grounded in classic synth design and workflow but with modern flexibility and UA’s quality craftsmanship built into the sound.

API 2500 Bus Compressor
Plug-in Trailer
API 2500 is known for it’s punch and power — it can be gentle just as easy as it can be aggressive. It's versatility is well-suited for diverse genres and is widely regarded as the workhorse for clear and forward bus compression.  

The Result
UAD Spark has been a resounding success, granting scores of both new and experienced producers an entry into the Universal Audio plugin ecosystem as a bridge to investing in the coveted, premium hardware audio interfaces running in many of the world's most legendary studios. The trailer, at the time of writing, has accumulated more than 3.3 million views and has bolstered enthusiasm for the UA brand.
Anthony Ciannamea
Creative Director / designer / Producer /
Motion Designer
Matthew Lawless
Art Director / Designer
Motion Designer
Laurent Delforge
Music Composer / Sound Designer
Joshua Eustis
Music Composer (Opal Synth)
Rocco Tyndale
Art Director (Universal Audio)
Ben Lindell
Director of Marketing & Communications (Universal Audio)
Martin Lindhe
Creative Director (Universal Audio)
Erica McDaniel
Directress of Artist & Industry Partnerships (Universal Audio)
Erik Hanson
VP Marketing & Communications