The Atomic Tree
Global Oneness Project
VR / 360 Video
3D Design & Rendering
Motion Design
Content Production
Film & Video
Producing and designing a series of animated sequences in a VR / 360 film about a historically-significant natural landmark bestowed to the U.S. during peacetime—a bonsai which survived the atomic blast of Hiroshima

Go Project Films is the film production arm of the Global Oneness Project–the award-winning online multi-media educational platform. Their work has been featured on PBS, National Geographic, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, TED, exhibited at The Smithsonian and screened at festivals worldwide. Recent films include the award-winning documentary short Earthrise and virtual reality experience Sanctuaries of Silence.

EFFIXX worked closely with Go Project Films directors Emmanuel Vaughn-Lee and Adam Loften, to incorporate a series of animated sequences bringing to life aspects of a historically-significant bonsai tree which was donated to an arboretum in the U.S. as a peacetime gift. The rings of the tree hold layers and layers of memory, developed over the course of the 400+ years it was tended to by a single family lineage, and the animations describe various chapters and draw analogies about its' growth and development over time.
The Elements Collection: Air
Promo Art
"Like the airiness of a flying buttress on a grand European cathedral,  Air I's punctured façade invites light to enter its form and hit each of the diamond’s precise angles."

The Elements Collection: Water
Promo Art
"A masterfully cut diamond sits atop this deco waterfall inspired by the grill of a 1930’s Bugatti. Derrick Cruz recreates the cascading repetition of tumbling water with twenty platinum prongs that wash down the sides of a diamond."

The Elements Collection: Fire
Promo Art
"Function becomes form as Fire I seamlessly blends the diamond's cut with the brutalism inspired engineering of the ring’s head. Each of the stone’s eight kite facets extends into the setting, joining the literal brilliance of the diamond with the figurative shape of a burning flame’s middle rose."  

Brand Concepts

The design process led us through many rounds of iteration and collaboration with a small team of talented creative engineers, and the discovery period yielded interesting outtakes leading to the final design.
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