Creative Direction
Motion Design
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Creative direction, graphics package, and design for the Seeker original YouTube hosted series Apollo
On May 25th, 1961, President John F. Kennedy stated the nation’s goal of, “landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” NASA’s Apollo program set out to accomplish this seemingly impossible task over the next decade, encountering incredible engineering odds, a terrifying tragedy, and ultimately one of mankind’s greatest successes. This hosted mini-series brought history to life, utilizing historical video and audio paired with immersive graphics.
Series Art Direction
Graphic Toolkit: Adobe After Effects & Premiere Templates
EFFIXX crafted the art direction, sound design, studio set direction, and led the design team at Seeker to build a graphics toolkit to provide editors with resources to cut Apollo episodes with minimal motion design intervention during the course of the season.

Sample Episodes
Toolkit Usage in practice
The team at Seeker cut 12 episodes of Seeker using the graphics package provided, and we're proud of how the toolkit was integrated into the series, which was produced principally from NASA archival footage to create an ownable look-and-feel.

Anthony Ciannamea
Creative Director
Set Design
Art Director
Daniel Woodling
Motion Designer
Cailyn Bradley
Adam Starr
Matt Piniol
Spencer Snider

Cinematography & Lighting
Josh Dennis
Matt Morales
Brian Pendergast

Writing & Development