Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland
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A mixed-media travelog about a group of artists and filmmakers meeting for the first time in a foreign land, featuring a 17-track original score by Deru, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Son Lux, Shigeto, Eskmo, and more.

During summer of 2011, a Chicago-based filmmaking collective called Scenic, founded with longtime collaborators and ad agency peers Mark Wisniowski and Ryan Sievert, had just finished a series of independently-produced music videos.  Tim Navis, an incredibly talented LA-based fashion/landscape photographer whose work we were already fans of, had reached out about shooting a process piece in Iceland with Danish photographer Kim Holtermand.  

The original notion centered around how two prolific photographers and peers from an online creative community would meet for the first time in a foreign landscape and capture the environment and culture in their own styles, examining their contrasting signature approaches to image-making.

What began as a story about two artists, grew to a crew of seven artists and filmmakers bringing unique perspectives from their disciplines to the table.

“Outliers” was conceived as a group travelog, where footage collected along the way would be used to paint a picture through a series of vignettes.  Each artist in the group were accomplished photographers in their own right, but the concept evolved to be much more interesting when a composer / music supervisor / sound recordist was introduced.

We enlisted producer and composer Benjamin Wynn, aka Deru, to score and curate a soundtrack of original music and in doing so, found an interesting way to captivate a wider audience. Using field recordings and hours of raw footage from the adventure as inspiration, the Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland score featured diverse contributions from Ryuichi Sakamoto, Shigeto, Loscil, Son Lux, Loscil, Goldmund, Eskmo, and Deru himself.
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Crowdfunding Campaign
Outliers was crowdfunded on Kickstarter, during an early era when projects were hand-picked for participation on the platform. In 45 days, our group raised over $48k via 500+ backers.

Visit the original Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland — Kickstarter campaign page

The Film
Documentary Production & Creative Direction
The film follows the group of artists as they explore Iceland's dramatic and ever-changing landscape, meet a glacier / search & resuce expert, record a youth girls' choir, encounter "dramatic" weather, and navigate the inhospitable terrain. Along the way, new creative relationships are forged and Deru even lands a last-minute gig at a local Reykjavik venue.

Scene: Black Beach

The Black Beach scene embodies the spirit of what we had hoped to artistically achieve with the film overall—bringing moments of inspiration from our journey to life in unexpected visual ways. Awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick upon release in 2012.

Opening Titles

The main title sequence was shot using ice casted from volcanic rock, collected in Iceland.

Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland (1hr 15m) 

The film, in its' entirety, available to view via Vimeo.

Selected Stills

The Music
Content Curation & Album Release Campaign
Our film score was produced from field recordings taken in Iceland, and the soundtrack includes original tracks by electronic and modern classical composers and producers including Ryuichi Sakamato, Son Lux, Shigeto, Goldmund, Deru & more.

Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland — Original Soundtrack
Our Word for Warmth / Asura
The Wind Sings / Goldmund
Titles / Deru
Filthy, Wild Animals / A Lull
I Gave in to It / Shigeto
Pruma / Sweatson Klank
Nilas / Joby Talbot
Power Plant / Deru
Outliers / Ryuichi Sakamoto
Glacier / Eskmo
The Sun At Night / Loscil
Mud Pits / Deru
Resound / Son Lux
Lower Dome / Heathered Pearls
Choir / Deru
Island / Opiate
Black Beach / Deru
Available physically and via streaming services.
The Box Set & Rewards
Print & Packaging Production
The Outliers box set featured the film on Blu-Ray plus CD of the original score, photojournal booklet, and a special performated postcard book featuring the work of Tim Navis & Kim Holtermand.

Live Events & Screenings
Film Screening & Live audiovisual Performances
Once the film was released in 2012, we produced a screening event in the filmmakers' home town of Chicago (Lincoln Hall) featuring performances by Shigeto, Loscil, Take, and Deru. Later that year, we held a similar screening and performance at Open Source Arts festival in Sopot, Poland.

Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland
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The Fox Is Black 🠚

Sound Colour Vibration 🠚

Black Beach on ISO50 🠚

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Anthony Ciannamea
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Mark Wisniowski
Director of PHotography
3d Animation & VFX
Benjamin Wynn (Deru)
Music Supervisor
Sound Designer
Brett Carlson
Benjamin Wynn (Deru)
Music Supervisor
Sound Designer
Tim Navis
Kim Holtermand
Justin Meyer
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