Symphonic Destruction — Release Trailer
Creative Direction
Brand Identity
Art Direction
UI Design
Motion Design
3D / VFX
Developing a visual identity, UI design, product trailer and motion graphics package for Symphonic Destruction — a "deconstructed orchestra" virtual instrument by Heavyocity
The Trailer
:60 Launch Promo
To announce the arrival of Symphonic Destruction, we produced a :60 product trailer teasing the look and sound of the new instrument with a CG trailer by evoking the powerful and dramatic, which borrows its' distorted and broken treatment from the immensely-popular Damage 2.

User Interface
Rich Textures and technical Detail
We gave an existing Heavyocity instrument UI a facelift by re-using established components while customizing main feature knob artwork and integrating product visual identity.

Logo & Typography
Analog Damage & Texture
EFFIXX approached type styles and the logo itself by developing analog dirt textures and adding layers of distress and hand-painted grit.

Motion Package
Title Slates, templates & Toolkit
We developed a set of slates, a toolkit of textural treatments, and an Adobe Essential Graphics / Motion Graphics Templates toolkit — enabling in-house editors and video producers to build on-brand content right inside of Adobe Premiere, minimizing time spent editing graphic source files.