Vocalise 3 — Release Trailer
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Art Direction
Content Production
Motion Design
3D / VFX
Producing a product release trailer and motion graphics content for the latest update to virtual instrument-maker Heavyocity's flagship vocal instrument, Vocalise 3
The Trailer
:60 Release Trailer
We helped Heavyocity announce the release of Vocalise 3 with a cinematic :60 CG product trailer embodying the stunning, ethereal new vocal instrument through an abstract sci-fi / fantasy environment. The spot captures the essence of the products' dynamic library through a chorus of ascending "voices".

The Process
AI Concept Exploration
Moodboards were developed using an early version of AI image-generation tool Midjourney. As a nascent technique for stimulating abstract and surreal imagery, we fed the AI bot prompts based on inspiration references like The Fall (film), Stanislav Beksinski (an EFFIXX favorite), and a brief allegory about a cadre of ghost bird figures.