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Building a modern record label focused on novel release formats and tangible media.

The modern music economy has turned primarily towards a stream-based value exchange over the years, exclusively prioritizing quantity and efficacy over qualitative idea exchanges between artists and their fanbase. Simultaneously, creative technology has enabled entirely new markets of varying size and scope to emerge and “disrupt” (ugh) traditional ones. In our observation, there is a gaping rift between artists working in music composition or performance and the creative professionals wielding technology for commerce. The effect is that interesting technological advances are often out of reach or inaccessible to the very artists creating the content distributed through new modes of digital delivery.
79Ancestors began as a way to connect artists and creatives working in disparate fields, to explore interesting new release media and formats. In our own networks, we encountered many visual designers, filmmakers, and creative technologists motivated to apply their professional trade towards passion projects centered around helping musicians that inspired them or music they care deeply about. We established a base roster of artists working across disciplines with an exciting collaborative dynamic.
EFFIXX design director Anthony Ciannamea co-founded the label and currently oversees visual design, production, and creative technology—curating releases with partner and collaborator Benjamin Wynn (Deru).
79A:000 - Territories
Album Compilation & Visual Art Series
Our inaugural release was a vinyl LP compilation album celebrating artists we’re supporting with upcoming full-length albums, as well as a few friends and peers who represent the genre-agnostic spectrum of music we feel passionately about. It was delivered with a hand-painted cardboard VR viewer—offered so that fans could experience the accompanying 360 video.

The 8-song compilation featured original tracks by Telefon Tel Aviv, Shigeto, Deru, Rafael Anton Irisarri & more.

Shigeto "Hovering" VR/360
VR/360 Production & Content Strategy
Territories was a call to compose original tracks focused on the theme of “imaginary landscapes” and the centerpiece was “Hovering”—an audiovisual collaboration between Shigeto and a team of San Francisco Bay Area visual effects wizards. Led by director and visual artist Conor Grebel, “Hovering” was released as a 360 VR film distributed by the pioneering Within (formerly VRSE) studio and platform. It has since been screened at festivals around the world.

Check out "Hovering" VR, the first 360 VR experience produced by 79Ancestors, via Within

Selected Stills

Anthony Ciannamea
Content STrategist
Conor Grebel
Design & Animation
Cale Ajioka
Chase Hochstatter
Design & Animation
Peter Clark
Sky Design
Before Tigers
3D Audio Mixer
Music Composer
79A:002 - A.M. Architect
Color Field

LP & Physical Product
Color Field by A.M. Architect was our first full-length album release, comprised of a vinyl LP, a concept film produced by the musicians, as well as a physical product: an interactive electronic video instrument which plays the album and emits colorful light patterns through a hemispherical lens.  

The Result
As of early 2019, 79Ancestors will have released a wide diversity of albums in various presentation formats: a short-run consumer electronic product, three vinyl records, a cassette, photo zine, a 360 VR film released through a major industry distributor, and a realtime game-engine-based VR experience in the works. We’re excited to find new opportunities to create accessible, tangible releases that connect artists to their audiences in novel ways, as well as high-value experimental products that demonstrate what’s possible when we take advantage of democratized consumer electronic components and creative ingenuity.