UAD Spark — Visual Identity & Launch Trailer
Universal Audio
Creative Direction
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Motion Design
3D / VFX
Helped pro audio heavyweights Universal Audio develop a visual identity system, launch trailers and motion graphics package for their first native plugin suite UAD Spark

Universal Audio, royalty in the world of analog-to-digital studio effects and instrument emulation, were preparing to launch their first subscription plugin suite at the start of 2022, called UAD Spark. They had reached out to EFFIXX for a full campaign of launch trailers announcing the initial products included in the suite, but needed help defining the brand identity for the entire suite itself.

Our campaign work began with an exploration of the visual system which their long-awaited native plugin suite could use as a branding foundation.
We tend to approach product family branding by embracing the full spectrum of color, and timeless type choices inspired by bold, mid-century communication simplicity — which formed the basis of the UAD Spark visual identity. Spectral color, simple textures, and op-art-inspired illustrative icon system defining categories of sonic effects found in the studio and leave room to scale to accommodate future growth.
The Trailer
:60 Launch Promo
To announce the news about UAD Spark, we produced a :60 product trailer celebrating the veritable pantheon of legendary studio equipment captured by Universal Audio products, available for the first time outside of their coveted premium hardware interfaces.

Logo & Typography
Visual Identity Elements
EFFIXX created a system of logomarks and spectral color palette that reinforces the every-growing product family of plugins and instruments included in UAD Spark.

Icon / Illustration System
Sine Waveforms & Repetition
We developed a set of icons and illustrative elements centered around waveforms and geometric shapes, reflecting the sonic categories of UAD Spark plugin FX

Announce Teaser
:15 Social Teaser
To create mystery around the much-anticipated UAD Spark announcement, we kicked off the campaign with a short loop teasing the new visual identity, set to the Jan Hammer classic "Don't You Know"

Social Trailer
Promotional Launch Videos
Once the UAD Spark subscription product launched, we prepared a trailer to emphasize product value included in the plugin suite, which includes emulations of prized and rare analogue outboard hardware ordinarily found only in legendary studios

The Result
UAD Spark has been a resounding success, granting scores of both new and experienced producers an entry into the Universal Audio plugin ecosystem as a bridge to investing in the coveted, premium hardware audio interfaces running in many of the world's most legendary studios. The trailer, at the time of writing, has accumulated more than 3.3 million views and has bolstered enthusiasm for the UA brand.
Anthony Ciannamea
Creative Director / Producer
Lead Designer
Motion Designer
Matthew Lawless
Art Director / Designer
Motion Designer
Laurent Delforge
Sound Design / Logo Mnemonic
Rocco Tyndale
Art Director (Universal Audio)
Ben Lindell
Director of Marketing & Communications (Universal Audio)
Martin Lindhe
Creative Director (Universal Audio)
Erica McDaniel
Directress of Artist & Industry Partnerships (Universal Audio)
Erik Hanson
VP Marketing & Communications