Sony Digital Cinema: Trailer
Sony Digital Cinema
Content Production
Motion Design
Creative Direction
Film & Video
Music Composition
Cinematic 3D trailer introducing theater-goers to the Sony Digital Cinema experience

Sony Digital Cinema is a new experience for premium large-format theaters that includes Sony's industry-leading dual laser projection system – which provides exceptional picture quality and immersion – along with powerful sound and luxury reclining seats. The auditoriums' high-contrast projection systems authentically bring filmmakers' stories and vision to life with a vibrancy that matches their original intent.
EFFIXX led creative on an animated trailer supporting the opening of the Sony Digital Cinema experience. The pre-roll trailer is designed to play before feature films, demonstrating the theaters' dual 4k laser projectors, featuring an original Dolby Atmos musical score and a cinematic 3D version — built with the help of the Oscar-winning team behind Star Wars: A Force Awakens.

Alternate Concept

Some of our favorite images during the design exploration didn't quite have a home in the final direction but we love them anyhow.
Anthony Ciannamea
VFX / MOtion Design / Producer
Laurent Delforge
Composer / Sound Designer
Anthony Ciannamea
Creative Director / Designer
Will Files
Sound Mixer
Marcos Esparza
Creative Director (Sony)
Juan Cabrera
3D Stereographer